"Dining and shopping within walking distance:

3 european Cafes :

- Bali Budha (vegetarian food)
- Cafe Moka (french cakes)
- Cafe Ghita (Indonesian European Food)


2 Fish Restaurants:

- Fish Corner (European Fish specialities)
- Warung Pencar (Barbecued Fish from Jimbaran )


Indonesian Warungs:

- Bakso
- Madurese Sate Kambing
- Balinese Babi Guling and Specialities
- Javanese Nasi Campur (Halal)

2 Supermarkets (24 hours)
1 Batik Shop
Many furniture, handicraft and garment shops

Further Shopping and Dining in 5 minutes Distance with car (Peti Tenget und Oberoi)"



Balinese Recipes

Bebek Betutu (Duck a la Betutu)
Besides Babi Guling Bebek Betutu or Bebek Tutu (Betutu is a village in Bali) ranks as one of the indigenous Balinese dishes. This duck is traditionally prepared on an open fire from rice straw.

You add for 6 persons:
 1 duck (approx. 1.9 kg),5 garlic toes,1 small piece of ginger (2 inches),1 galangal (2 inches),12 spring onions,5 kemiri-nuts,5 red pepperoni,Curcuma (turmeric) 1 teaspoon,terasi, 1/2 teaspoon,salt, pepper,1 bar of lemongrass,7 (kaffir)lemonleaves coriander, 1 teaspoon

 Clean the duck. Chop garlic, ginger and galangaroot roughly. Grind the onions, kemirinuts, ginger and pepperoni as well as turmeric, terasi, salt and pepper to a paste.
 Rub the duck inside and outside with approximately half of the paste (easily rub in). Fill the duck with garlic, ginger, galangaroot, lemon grass and lemonleaves. Wrap the duck into a banana leaf and steam it for approx. 30 minutes. Preheat the baking-oven on 180C. Open the banana leaf and again rub the duck with the prepared paste. This time do not close the banana leaf completely. Put the duck into the pre-heated baking-oven and roast it by approx. 180 - 220C for 45 min. Possibly it will be neccessary to open the sheet toward the end of the time, so that the duck gets a beautiful brown colour.

Instead of the banana leaf which gives ,however, an additional flavour, one can take aluminum foil as an alternative.